Marine Insurance is one of the necessities  of the commercial process for all importers and exporters.

The company offers all types of Marine Cargo Insurance coverage for all types of goods (Containerized, Non-Containerized, Refrigerated & Non-Refrigerated)  brought to Saudi Arabia from various parts of the World by Sea (Ocean going Vessels), by Air (Aircrafts) and by Land (Trucks and Rail).

Exports of various products and personal effects can also be insured with the company.

The Marine Cargo Insurance can be extended to cover loss or damage due to War and Strike.

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As part of the Marine Insurance, the company also gives a separate Inland Transit Insurance for Loss or Damage to Insured goods whilst in transit by any Motor Vehicle or Rail within the Territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries.  The cover is against Fire, Collision, Impact, Overturning, Derailment or Breaking down of Bridges.

This type of insurance is mostly taken by transport companies as one of their requirements. 


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