General Accident

The company provides covers for various types of personal and property insurances such as:
1) Cash Insurance.
2) Public Liability Insurance.
3) Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
4) Personal Accidents Insurance.
5) Employers Liability Insurance.
6) Electronic Equipment Insurance.
1) Cash Insurance:

Cash Insurance is one of the most important covers that requested by commercial entities.  There are two types of cash insurance:


a) Cash-in-Safe:

Covers loss of Cash whilst anywhere in the Insured premises, but only in a locked safe when the premises are closed.


b) Cash-in-Transit:

     Covers loss of Cash whilst actually in course of transit and under the control of the Insured’s messenger.

2) Public Liability Insurance:

Members of the Public may suffer injury/death or damage to their property due to Activities of someone else, and public liability insurance have been designed  to provide compensation for those who may have to pay damages and legal costs for such injuries/death or damage to property of third party.

The Policy specifies a certain limit of liability for any one accident or series of accident in one event and a limit of liability for all accidents occurring in one period of insurance.

Particular types of Policy are available for each type of risk such as:

·        Business Risks Policy

·        Product Liability Insurance

·        Professional Liability

·        Personal Public Liability   

3) Fidelity Guarantee:

This type of insurance is provided to cover the direct loss of money or stocks as may be sustained by the Employer/Insured as a direct result of acts of fraud or dishonesty proved to have been committed by an employee named or described in the policy, within the period of insurance and during uninterrupted service with the employer.

4)Personal Accident Insurance:

The intention of the basic Policy is to provide compensation in the event of an accident causing death or injury (certain specified injuries such as loss of limbs and sight).


The policy is usually extended to include a weekly benefit up to 104 weeks if the insured is temporarily, totally or partially disabled due to an accident.  In case of permanent total disablement (other than loss of eyes or limbs) an annuity is paid.


Personal Accident Insurance can be obtained by individuals as well as by companies on behalf of their employees.

5)Employer’s Liability Insurance:

When the employer is held legally liable to pay losses to an injured employee, he can claim against his Employer’s Liability Policy which will indemnify him with exactly the same amounts he has had to pay out.


The Policy also pay for certain additional expenses such as lawyers fee or doctors charges when an injured employee has been medically examined.


The Policy is restricted to amounts paid in respect of injury and does not apply where property of an employee is damaged.


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