Engineering Insurance is a kind of property insurance that concerns with plant and machinery in all its forms, its basically connected with risks, which are inherent to the property insured.

Types of Engineering Insurance covers provided by the company include: 
1) Contractors All Risks Insurance.
2) Erection All Risks Insurance. 
3) Plant All Risks Insurance. 
4) Machinery Breakdown Insurance.
5) Boilers Explosion Insurance.
1) Contractors All Risks Insurance:
This type of insurance is very essential for all contractors as one of their requirements to cover the construction risks on their projects such as buildings, roads, bridges and other structures.
The Contractors All Risks Insurance provides the cover for both material damage to the project and third party liability. 
2) Erection All Risks Insurance:
This insurance is same as the above CAR insurance, the only difference  that the Erection All Risks Insurance is designed for erection works such as Machinery in Transit, during Installation and Testing.
3) Plant All Risks Insurance:
This insurance provides an All Risks insurance cover for heavy plant and equipment against the accidental damage risks originating from extraneous causes. The cover can be extended to include the road risks accidents and Third Party Liability.
4) Machinery Breakdown Insurance:
All forms of plant and machinery which have moving parts and embody electrical circuits are subject to the risk of breakdown which can be insured under this type of insurance.


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